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Throughout the Flint Water Crisis, the media was a key component in progress being made. Going back all the way to April 16th, 2013, this has been an ongoing crisis (https://visual.ly/community/infographic/health/timeline-flint-water-crisis). A majority of the media coverage was brought up in 2016, when the crisis was at its worst. Major news channels, such as CNN and Fox News, spent a great deal of time and resources in to covering this crisis, and allowing the general public outside of Michigan to see just how bad this issue has been (https://www.cnn.com/2016/01/11/health/toxic-tap-water-flint-michigan). As a Michigan native, growing up just over an hour away from the city of Flint, it was great to see the coverage of this. All of this coverage eventually led to a massive movement from celebrities and the general public to raise funds, and goods to be donated to the citizens in the city of Flint.

Now, I have not seen any coverage of the current situation of the Flint Water Crisis from major news outlets. I have not heard of any celebrities or politicians outside of Michigan making a point to bring attention to this. Throughout the course, we have learned that having someone with a platform and a recognizable name will always be beneficial to a propaganda campaign. That is why most major brands have a paid spokesperson, it gives a sense of recognition to the brand. When this movement was at its height of popularity, stars such as Snoop Dogg and various NBA players were assisting in every way possible. Pop music star Bruno Mars pledged to donate one million dollars during a concert in Detroit.

The key to this campaign would be to create a sense of relevancy and need to both those with a higher platform than I have, along with getting the media involved with the process once again. Along with this, a crowd funded donation to assist in the short term would allow the citizens of Flint to have safe drinking water. The following website shows multiple ways to assist, and where the funds are allocated to: https://www.cnn.com/2016/01/13/us/iyw-flint-michigan-water-crisis-how-to-help/index.html.

While these short term solutions are necessary, what may be even more important would be the long term solutions. There has been a severe lack of leadership and accountability with this process. Governor Rick Snyder says “Let me be blunt: this was a failure of government at all levels. Local, State, and Federal officials- we all failed the families of flint.” (Infographic jounal). The estimated completion date of the replacement of all Flint’s water service line isn’t until 2019, so assistance will be needed until that date, perhaps even longer. The lack of accountability regarding the Flint Water Crisis is alarming, and progress needs to be made to have more criminal indictments stemming from the maladministration of the crisis.

As I mentioned, I have always been interested in this topic based on the proximity to my hometown. Although I have always kept up with it, it wasn’t until this project until I truly found how effective a proper propaganda campaign could be regarding the Flint Water Crisis. Although it was nationally covered for a decent amount of time, I am not entirely sure there was an official campaign to raise money or anything of that nature for the City of Flint. I do recall two years ago on our campus, there was a group of individuals who were raising money to assist the citizens of Flint. While this event is over, I am not aware of how successful it may have been. Creating a campaign of this nature again would not only raise money to assist families in the short term, but it would also show individuals that this crisis is still ongoing. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be in the news or anything like that at this moment, so I truly believe that the public needs to be more informed on how serious of an issue this is.

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